Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fun Fall Projects

Thanks to Teach Preschool for the following idea. I had the big kids collect sticks. Then they chose the sticks they wanted and glued them on a canvas. We waited for a day for the sticks to dry. After chosing the buttons they wanted it was time to glue. I was in the middle glueing the buttons and they put the buttons on the canvas. Both of there creations turned out wonderful. I loved them so much I wanted them to create one for me. Now in the next month they will each create 3 more. I decided to have the kids make one for the grandparents.  I bought different sets of buttons. So, each of us will get an unique piece of art.  Posting pictures sometime in the near future.

The kids love projects of all kinds. So, coming up with new ideas can be challenging at times. Thanks to Teach Preschool on FB I am getting tons of new ideas.

Can I say how much I love Michaels. I bought white pumkins and all 3 kids painted their pumpkins with their hands. With the little one I put red and yellow paint on the pumkin and away she went. She had so much fun painting. She even managed to cover most of the pumkin. The big kids wanted the paint on the paper. From there they mixed and put on the pumpkin. The oldest drew lines on his. Each turned out great and now are diplayed on the table.

The next project the kids did was a fall tree. The oldest drew a tree and the family on the posterboard. Including me. Then from the $$ store I bought yellow leaves dollies and posterboard. From there I put paint and the leaves in a baggie and away they went mixing the colors. Sometimes the bigs kids just wanted yellow or just red. For the little one I did both. She enjoyed pushing the paint around. Once they were dried the big kids glued them on the tree. The oldest was proud of his drawings so he asked his sister to glue around the family and words.

Our ongoing project since summer has been story time rocks.  More details to come.

This week I am having the kids put masking tape on a foam board. I will tell them to have fun with the masking tape. I may pre cut several different sizes and let them put as much tape as they want. Encourage them to make a picture or whatever there hearts desire. Then they paint away. When dried we will take off the tape. I am very excited for this creation.  I am thinking this may be a creation the grandparents and myself may like as well. Maybe, I will wait for Christmas for the grandparents.  Maybe have them stentil a Christmas theme on the foam board. 

I am excited for the week. The weather is going to be really nice. I believe in the 70's. So, we will want to be outside as much as we can.

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