Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sandpaper and yarn letter practice Fabric and Duck Sheet Creations

I saw this idea on .
Be sure to check out the other ideas of letter ideas at the bottom of the page. I plan to take this one step further and give Smartypants and Sweetheart yarn and have them create a picture themselves.  I will also use this time to have them cut the yarn as well. Thinking I will chose fall colors this time around.
The other idea I saw and liked was having precut straws and have them glue them onto words and letters. For younger children you can do shapes and numbers.   About 8 months ago I had them cut straws and this was a big hit. I will be doing this acitivity again.  I am also thinking having them create a creation with colored straws.  Wonder what they would create with pom poms and straws. The ideas are endless. 

I also saw a familiar idea where you have premade numbers,letters shapes etc. Then use little stickers. I can't wait to try this one. This acitivity would also be good to do when I am making lunch or dinner.

I really need to find a way to keep track of all the activities I want to do. Have a list of ideas and their supplies. I think I will be investing in 5 colored bags which will represent each day of the week. In the bag will be the activity or 2 of the day.

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