Sunday, August 5, 2012

Fun Letter and More Dice

While at Michaels I came across the small boxes. Then it clicked. I could use these. The first set of boxes have letters on them.  I use the boxes when they are eating. I roll the "dice".  Smartypants and Sweetheart take turns naming the letter, letter sound and coming up with a word with that particular letter. Both kids love this game. Now I want to make more with the following ideas:
Rhyming words
math problems
name the word
one with questions:
tell a funny story
talk about the day
what makes you happy
say something nice about daddy, mommy, sister, brother, nanny, yourself
name a farm animal animal
name a zoo animal
name a vechile
name a sports car

name a water vechicle
name something that flies
name a color
name a beverage
name an something that is red, orange, yellow, blue, black and white, brown,green

the ideas are endless. I even show Smiles the letter. She may not understand, however she does hear Smartpants and Sweetheart. In time she will begin to understand and participate.
Let the fun begin.

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