Sunday, August 5, 2012

Fabric and Duck Sheet Creations

On this day Sweetheart created a flower fabric creation. She traced the shapes and I cut what she traced. She put them where she wanted. Smartypants did some tracing. Most of it was just cutting the fabric how she wanted. Then she clued them on the canvas.

here is Smartpants creation.

To mine surprize Sweetheart had no trouble at cutting. I guess she wanted to surprize me. For the last 2 weeks she has been cutting and glueing.

On the same day they both did duck tape sheets. Sweetheart traced. I cut. She put them on the foam board. She traced an apple, circle and I cut various shapes.

Smartypants cut what and how he wanted. He also did a bit of tracing as well.

I really liked the fabric and duck tape creations. I think next time, I will have more options for them and see what they can create.

remember its the process that is imporant not the product.

I am not a big fan of art creations. Where everything is precut and they are told where to put all the pieces. They are limit in the amount of glue and items they used.

I am in the process of saving milk caps and other caps from bottle. Once I have enough I plan to give them a big cardboard and let them create.

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