Sunday, October 2, 2011

Kids say.........

I am going to come up with names of each of the kids so I am not always referring to their age. I will start with the youngest. I will call her Miss Smiles. As she is always happy. The 3 year old I will call Miss sweetheart. The 5 yr old I will call Mister smartypants.

Back in the summer though it may have been spring. I asked Miss sweetypants "I asked you 3 times to get on your shoes. how many times do I have to ask you?" Not expecting answer. She answered " 4 times". I started laughing and even since that has become our joke.  When I ask "how many times" I will hear from the big kids 4 times.

I must say the  Miss sweetheart can come up with some funny things. Earlier in the summer big brother called her some names. I talked to him about calling names and how it can hurt feelings. Miss sweetheart comes up to him and puts her arm around him and says " I love you, but you just can't call me names".  Needless to say he felt bad.  He said sorry and we went on to the next activity. 

One of the activities we have been doing at breakfast, lunch or snack is reading Flat Stanley. Even Miss Smiles will smile when I show her the pictures.  When we get ready for nap the big kids shuts all the doors upstairs to avoid Miss Smiles crawling in the rooms. She is pretty good when I am reading the books. I read 2-3 Miss Smiles books and then put her down. Then I read other books to the big kids. sometimes I may say all go to your room. There was a time where Miss Smiles crawled toward her room.

Ever since seeing the movie 'The Help' I have been telling the kids " you are kind, smart and important". Or I will say before closing the door "remember" and they say "I am kind, smart and important". I must say this 1-5 times a day. I hear Miss Sweetheart tell her mister smartypants all the time he is kind, smart and important. I tell them both before they go to school.  All I say "remember" and they say the rest.

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