Sunday, October 30, 2011

Glueing and more glueing

The week of October 17th:
I gave Smartpants and Sweetheart their own bottle of glue and different items to glue to make creations. Today sweetheart had fun glueing pompoms. Also, this week she cut and glued tissue paper. Really anything can be glued. 

Today, Sweetheart made glued pipe cleaners on a foam board. I had to cut as it was just to hard for her to cut.  She let me know how small she wanted them.  She loves gluing. I let her use as much glue as she wants. Now I am on the mission to find things for Smartypants and Sweetheart to glue.
Heres a list of things to cut and glue
wrapping paper
tissue paper
pipe cleaners
foamy sheets

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