Sunday, August 5, 2012

Activities and More

Sweetheart loves art projects. After one project is done she asks for more. I do have Halloween foamies to do. But waiting until next week. I bought a ghost for the kids. Even the 10 month old. I thought she would enjoy foamy stickers. Already did one with her. May have the kids paint theres. Or big kids use markers and Smiles paint. Smiles seemed to like the foamy stickers.  Smiles loves painting and playdough. With playdough she does try and put in her mouth.  I just tell her "use your fingers". She just smiles and laughs at me. I am sure someday she will not put it in her mouth. Thank goodness I have bosses who are open to messy art projects and display them as well.

Yesterday Smartypants and Sweetheart glued their flower buttons on their tree. I first told them 12 buttons. Sinse it was before nap. Though once we got on a roll they ended up doing all the bottons. Smartypants love to stack the buttons. In the end they way he stacked them looked really good. Sweetheart then started to stack as well. I am really proud of these creations.  Now in the next 2 weeks the kids are making one for the grandparents.  I can't wait to see how the next 2 turn out. 
I am thinking for Valentine's to make them again. Just have to make sure we have the sticks. As there will be snow on the ground.  So, a stick collecting we will go in the next few weeks. Who knows what I will do.  I want to do something. Maybe, I will paint their arms and fingers brown and then they can glues hearts of some kind.

The other day I was shopping at Michaels. My friend mentioned there are now ducktape sheets. So, next week we will do a ducksheet creation. I have a feeling this will be popular activity, I will have Smartypants trace and cut. I will have Sweetheart chose her stentils. I will have her try and trace. Then I will cut. I will even have Smiles do her own as well. Then they can put it on foamy board. I am beginning to love foamy board.

I saw this idea on
I will be posting pictures of Smarypants creations sometime in the next week.

Be sure to check out time for play on FB. Great ideas. And yet so simple. 

On top of art activites i am working on some fun other activites.

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