Sunday, August 5, 2012

Quick and easy activities before lunch

It all stated last year when I would pick up the oldest from pre-school. We would come home and the 2 older would get into mischief. So, I started coming up with activites they can do while I made lunch. One of the biggest hits was jigsaw puzzles. Smartpants loved doing 24, 48,63 and 100 pieces. Sweetheart mastered 24, 48 and 63 pieces. The $$ store has had great puzzles. I also got several at Goodwill.
Another activity they loved was geobards. I found a great deal at Goodwill. I bought 4 of them at .49. Then rubber bands from the $$ store. 

My new favorite toy for Smarypants and Sweetheart are biggie beads. The beads are big perfect for their fingers.  There is a board to create creations. Smartpants has already made some really cool creations.  Sweetheart likes to scoop and dump. There is even a pincer to pick up the beads. Which is great for eye hand coordination.

We took a break over the summer and now will start doing activites again before lunch. Since the weather has been great. I send the kids out back to play after school.  I noticed Smartpants behavior change once he was able to be outside. Being in Kindergarten time outside is limited.  So, now I am getting ready for rainy days and colder weather. Both kids love love new projects. Now, I am on the lookout seeking new ideas.

Stay tune for geoboard pictures. I will post once I take them out again and they make their creations.

Another fun activity is very simple. Craft sticks and velcro circles.

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