Sunday, August 5, 2012

Learning letters, words, numbers

This was so easy and both Smartypants and Sweetheart loved this new game.  I found balloon borders at the Dollar Tree. Each border has 8 balloons.  For both I wrote letters in each balloon. They take a clothepin and match the letter. The clothepin has a letter to match. Using a clothepin is for their fine motor. For Smartpants I wrote "at" and "og" words on the balloon and clothpin. Smartypants matches the word as well as says the word.  Sweetheart I did numbers up to 16. The first 8 she had no problem. The second 8 she did great as well. Just have to have her say the number as she puts the clothespins.

I plan to do this activity again in the fall. Plus, have Sweetheart count out objects of each numbers.

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