Sunday, August 5, 2012

Foamy Stickers

I love foamy sheets, various shapes and stickers. Tonight while sitting I had the kids decorate the ghosts as well as plain sheets. Foamy stickers as good from toddler and on up.  I plan to have Smiles do a ghost  and foamy sheets as well.  I like to have her involved when ever possible.

Smiles did her ghost and had fun. I had her in my lap and took the wrapper off. I stuck it too her her fingers. I would say put it on the ghost. She tried. I helped her a bit. Now when I say where's your ghost she will look at the window where I taped it. I should mention she Smiles when she sees her creation. So, the way I see it. If I do foamy stickers often she will be able to do it herself in the next few months. Just in time for the upcoming holidays. 

2.5 yr old

5 yr old

Just a few months ago my friend and I cleaned out my garage. I came across tons and tons of foamy stickers. When I am seeking foamies to my garage I will go.

I also did foamy sitckers with the kids I sit for on the weekends.

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