Sunday, August 5, 2012


Over the years the grandparents would come and visit. There have been good times and the challenges.In my current position the grandparents are the best. They compliment me all the time. Most of all they respect me as I respect them. I am been told so many times what a wonderful job I am doing.  Both sets are very active in their grandchildren lives. 
I love the fact their is no competion between me and the grandparnets.  They have their time as I have mine time. In a previous position, I felt at the end the Gma could not stand me.  It was uncomfortable when she would come and visit.  I strongly beleive if the grandparent is capable of caring for the children then the nanny should get the time off. I am not saying this to get more time off. I am saying because its in the best interest of the children. They want to be with the grandparents as the the grandparents want to be with them. They don't want to go by the nanny's rule's.  They are there to spoil their grandchildren. They want to do things their way and I am for all this.
So, I thank my current nanny family grandparents for respecting me.

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